My name is Anthony Clark and I am the founder of True Legacy Foundation™ (TLF™), a non-profit organization committed to connecting African American youth to their true African Legacy by purchasing and providing them with genetic DNA testing kits. Please



Sharon Green

Sharon is from Los Angeles, California. She is Co-Founder, Head of Marketing and Artist Culture at Artist Advocates. As a veteran music industry professional, Sharon bridges music and the arts as medium to connect people.

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. He is an award winning certified Life & Relationship Coach who has transformed thousands of lives across the globe. Anthony is also the founder of True Legacy Foundation™.

Melanie Clark

Melanie Clark was born and raised in Fresno California. She is an international award winning certified Life & Relationship Coach for more than twenty two years.  Melanie is also a independent Beverly Hills Dental Consultant.

Patrice Russell

Patrice, a Cali native, is passionate about travel, music, the arts, and is a lover of all things community. She’s a marketing maven with 25 years of experience, leading the LA regional marketing for a global commercial real estate firm.

Dr. Millie Chung

Millie’s parents emigrated from South Korea in 1968. 18 years later they were deported back to Korea and Millie and her 4 siblings were separated and placed into foster care. Today she is a successful dentist in Los Angeles California.

D. Bing Turner, MPH

Bing was born and raised in Compton, California. He graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Education. Bing taught a number of years in South Los Angeles, and he co-founded the Heritage Education Group (HEG) in 2001.