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TLF™ raises funding to provide genetic DNA testing kits to Black youth in the African-American community. All genetic DNA kits that we provide are purchased directly from And there are a number of reasons why we went with

Why TLF™ chose

TLF™ has chosen to partner with over other DNA genetic testing companies. Their scientific accuracy provides confidence, and their results provide clarity – a clear view of our African Ancestry, our people, and our heritage.

Here are a few other reasons why is the best choice for finding our African roots:
  1. can identify an African country of origin, their competitors cannot.
  2. can specify an African ethnic group, their competitors cannot.
  3. has the largest database of African lineage.
  4. will NEVER research or sell your DNA.
  5. is 100% Black-owned with Black scientists.

Please donate today. We accept and appreciate donations of any amount. DNA kits prices range from $300 to $600 per child.